16 DIY Projects (You’ll Actually Want to Make)

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get the urge to do a project, do a Google search for ideas and twenty minutes later am so overwhelmed by options that I give up and watch Parenthood. DIY is “in” right now, which means everyone and their cat has done a blog post about their DIY crafts. So instead of doing a blog post about a craft I have recently finished, I decided to do all of the grunt work for you and compile a list of DIY projects that you would actually want to make. Not only are these projects awesome, but most of them are really simple and quick to make. Always seek reused items or things from around your house for projects before buying something new. Reduce your waste, expand your dollar and wow your friends and family! Thank you to all of the crafters, geniuses, sewing masterminds, creative wizards and paint pros who have come before me to make this list possible.

16 Must Do DIY Projects (in no particular order):

1. Button Bookmarks - These are a great reuse project using paper clips and old buttons. Perfect gift for a young, or young-at-heart reader!

button bookmarkspaper clip buttons

2. Fabric Scrap Banner – Reuse leftover fabric scraps to make a hanging banner for over your bed, above your mantle, or around your windows. Use festive fabric colors to make a simple banner for over your fireplace during fall and winter! This would be a great kids craft as well.



3. Paint Sample Projects – They’re free right? It’s amazing how many things you can do with a piece of colored paper.


4. Mason Jar Cozy - Who doesn’t love mason jars?! Start making your mason jar your coffee mug with this cozy made from an old sweater. Another great gift idea!


5. Wine Cork Nail Polish Wreath - I have both of these things lying around the house; an abundance of wine corks and a bunch of random colored nail polish. Wreaths aren’t just a Christmas decoration. Paint wine corks pastel colors for Spring, red, white and blue for the fourth, etc.


6. Rolling Storage from Recycled Wine Crates - This is the coolest. It may look intimidating, but it’s literally a box on wheels with some stenciling. This would be great for storage in a kid’s room, under your bed or in your family room.


7. Recycled Can Succulent Centerpiece - I love the can reuse here. Either keep the label on, or peel it off and maybe paint it. Succulents add a great outdoor feel to any room without much maintenance.


8. Add a Splash of Paint - Inside dresser drawers, kitchen cabinets, bookshelves and closets, just roll on the paint and instantly brighten the space!

openkitchencabinetsaquawhite      paint inside of bookshelf flickr

9.  Natural Room Scents - Great gift idea! Pick your best herbs, citrus fruits and outdoor smells and fill your house with all-natural scents!


10. Paint Dipped Wooden Utensils - This is stupid easy and ridiculously awesome.


11. Dresser Drawer Shelves - Find a local used building material store and purchase 5-10 old dresser drawers. There are so many possibilities you can do with dresser drawers! My favorite option is by stacking them in a random order to make a bookshelf. We have two bookshelves currently made out of stacked drawers in our apartment and they add tons of character and charm. Paint, distress or leave them natural for a number of different styles!


12. Salvaged Door Coat Rack – This is another project that looks harder than it is. Find an old door at a reuse store along with some old knobs. Add some paint, cork board if you want and some nails and this project is done! No one will believe you made it.


13. Wooden Spoon Garden Markers – I made something similar to this for my mom last Christmas. Instead of a wooden spoon I used a metal fork with a wine cork on it (sideways). I wrote the name of each vegetable or fruit on the cork in Sharpie, BUT the rain eventually washed off the marker. This is still a great reuse project, but I would recommend using old nail polish or leftover waterproof paint so the words stay on for many many seasons!


14. Framed Book Pages – Whether it’s in your kitchen, your living room, your office or your kid’s room, framed book pages make quick and cheap art. Find your frames and books at a thrift store or use what you have around your house. Old cookbooks, classic children’s stories or your favorite novels make perfect framed art! If you’re feeling fancy, add a quick quote on the the glass with a sharpie for extra flair.

b6897cd074c14adb7308d7e5b8a1440e   photo-1

15. Tin Can Projects – These are perfect because you eat first. Soup for lunch (and I’m assuming you only ate soup from a can because you didn’t think you could make soup from scratch, which also means you haven’t checked out Zero Waste Recipes?!)…back to the can…crafts for dinner!

20100527_4239_thumb   7a12934268b64c32f57b4649e1414fb9   8e4384fff2ffd0144e8ff78a6188bddb

16. Color Block Mugs - Great gift idea for a house warming party, or just a great way to make your mugs more exciting. Hit up a thrift store for some cheap, plain mugs and paint the afternoon away!

7-Diy-Projects-For-A-Gilded-Table-Projects-That-Can-Make-A-Brushed-Nickel-Lover-Rethink-Gold-7-Diy-Projects-For-A-Gilded-Table    DIY-Paint-Dipped-Mugs-The-Merrythought1

Okay, maybe not this one…Sumo Wrestler Plastic Bottle Bowling.

Let the crafting begin.

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